Wedding Program Designs & Sizes

Wedding Program Designs & Sizes

Updated: October 2015

There are a variety of wedding program designs & sizes. The two options we offer here are a postcard design program and a folded design. There are a two important factors that you should consider when choosing one over the other, which we will go through together.

But before you decide on which ceremony program is right for you, please read what to include on a wedding Program as that will help you decide on the amount of content that you will need.

Now that you have decided on the amount of content your program will have we can continue with choosing the right style for you.

1. Content
The amount of content you would like to include on the program can be a deciding factor between the two options.
The post card wedding program has limited real estate for your content that will be placed on the back of the card. Luckily these come in different sizes and the larger one will obviously have more room to fit more information.

The fold over style program offers quite a bit more space for including additional content. These programs now include two different sizes.

One that has 6 panels in total (including back and front), out of which one panel will be used for the silhouettes of the wedding party, which leaves you with 5 panels for your content.
The second one has 4 panels in total (including back and front), out of which one panel will be used for the silhouettes of the wedding party, which leaves you with 3 panels for your content.

Bottom Line- Use the fold over style program if you a lot more to say, but always keep in mind that ceremony programs are meant for light reading, so do not include too much.

2. Wedding Party
The next deciding factor to consider for your wedding program designs is the number of members in your wedding party. Please see the table below for the number of silhouettes that can be accommodated on the different size programs.

Style # of Silhouettes
Post card style – Small (9″ x 6″) Up to 16 silhouettes
Post card style – Large (11″ x 6″) Up to 20 silhouettes
Fold over style – 5.5″ x 17″ (open size) Up to 12 silhouettes
Fold over style – 12″ x 9″ (open size) Up to 16 adult silhouettes and 8 children silhouettes.

From the above table you can see that each program style accommodates for a different number of silhouettes. Please keep in mind that the number silhouettes includes the bride and the groom. You can see the different silhouette customize-able options here.

So once you know the amount of content and the number of members in your wedding party you can select the appropriate wedding program designs and size that is right for you.

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