What to include on a Wedding Program?

What to include on a wedding program

The purpose of a wedding program goes beyond just being a guide. The program can be categorized into three main sections – Order of Events, Gratitude and Light Reading. 1. Ceremony Guide (Order of Events) The primary use of a wedding program is to act as a guide for your guests to follow along and participate during… Read More »

Wedding Program Designs & Sizes

Wedding Program Designs & Sizes

Updated: October 2015 There are a variety of wedding program designs & sizes. The two options we offer here are a postcard design program and a folded design. There are a two important factors that you should consider when choosing one over the other, which we will go through together. But before you decide on… Read More »

4 Ways to Help you Decide on the Wedding Ceremony that is Right for You

decide od the type of wedding ceremonies

A wedding ceremony consists of a large number of cultures from across the world. While it is common to have wedding traditions based upon centuries of habits, the format of wedding ceremonies is changing to a “by-couple” affair. However, while each couple can take their wedding in a direction different than the next, most couples follow… Read More »